Does vape smell better than cigarette?

Most commonly asked questions about dry herb vaporizer first time user, is the comparison between the smell of vape and cigarette. Since they want an alternative way of smoking, then they want another way of smoking that would get rid of the foul smell from cigarettes.

Smoking vape is a lot better than smoking cigarettes when it comes to smell.

Actually, it is common for any light triggered cigarette is the tar content in it. The average tar content in a cigarette is about 38 milligrams. Tar is a substance that generated when burning tobacco, a typical cigarette content. The tar is actually the one that produces the smoke and eventually causes the cigarette to have a foul smell.

On the other hand, vapes do not contain any tar. Therefore, there is no smoke and no foul smell.

Vaping vs Smoking: A comparison

What is the smell of cigarettes?

Say you are walking along a house burning some plants in the backyard. Of course, this burning produces a foul smell. That is also true in smoking cigarettes. It is like burning a plant that is the weed. When you smoke cigarettes, you burn the substance in it. And as we all know, burning results to smoke then eventually creates a foul smell.

What is the smell of vapes?

Meanwhile, the vape juices actually have smell. But this smell is very inviting to the nose. If you are smoking in an enclosed area, you will know the flavor of the juice being used in the vape because it would be the same as the smell the smoke produce. Say for example, if you are using a cherry flavored juice, then the area would also smell like a cherry.

This is the reason why vapes actually are very common to teenagers who does not want to smoke cigarettes because of the smell. Cigarette smokers also take this as an alternative because the smell is more tolerable than the smell the cigarettes produce.

Smoking vape would be a healthier option too compared to the cigarettes because of the lessen nicotine content. But it does not literally mean that there are no harmful effects too. The nicotine content of some vapes can actually result to serious health problems like bad breath. But when in comparison with cigarettes, vapes are way much better.

Research have found out that people who smoke has more damaged lungs compared to those who vape. But the government does not have any regulations about selling of vapes online, that is why some users buy products that are not safe and efficient.

Well, you might want to check some of the most famous stores that sells vaporizer online. This includes the Element Vape, Direct Vape and MyVpro.

Another fact is that the vapes do not produce as much smoke as the cigarettes. Therefore, there is literally less odor because the smoke is the one that contains the foul smell of the burnt plant.

The smoke of the cigarettes actually stays much longer on clothes than those of the smoke of the vapes. And the smell is not painful in the nose either because it just smells like a fruit.

You might also want to ask if vaping could result to bad breath. The answer is actually yes! Just like smoking cigarette that has tobacco with nicotine content, vaping also introduces nicotine in your body that may result to bad breath. But the chances are slimmer than that of smoking tobacco.

Therefore, vaping does not smell like smoke. Vaping has a way better smell than smoke. There is no debate on that. That is for sure!

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