Is there an odorless dry herb vaporizer?

You might have known already that dry herb vaporizer has lots of advantages! Now one question that still lingers on smokers’ minds is the smell that dry herb vaporizer might produce. If they really want to try dry herb vaporizer as an alternative for cigarette smoking, then might as well get rid of the bad smell produced by smoking.

Well, not literally! The smell produced by your dry herb vaporizer actually depends on the type of vaporizer you have and the kind of substance that you put on your vaporizer. Both can actually be controlled by the user. How?

Upon reading everything about dry herb vaporizer, do not be fooled by the information that odorless dry herb vaporizer exist.

The only truth about the smell of dry herb vaping is that it is less stinky and does not smell as bad as literally smoking weed. So it is a better to use dry herb vaporizer when you will go out after smoking weed as this would not be obvious in smell. This is also true if you want to smoke weed in the public.

Say for instance, the commonly used pax vaporizer which is what most users’ advice to beginners. It does literally have smell but the smell is very tolerable and does not linger in a room.

What makes dry herb vaporizer smell?

Experts have discussed the reason behind the less odor the dry herb vaporizer produced. It is found out that when you smoke the weed, you tend to burn the substance that would result to smoke. The smoke actually is the one to blame behind the foul smell of weed. Meanwhile, if you are going to use vaporizer, it does not turn the substance into smoke, rather it turns the substance into vapor. Vapor does not create much smoke, therefore it releases less foul smell.

The smell of the that dry herb vaporizer also depends on the location. It is much better to smoke weed in an open area, but since this is not possible to all, then indoor is the option. The bigger the room area, the less smell would be contained. It would also be better if the room has enough ventilation, so that the vapor will disperse. Another thing to consider is the number of times you used the room for smoking. The more frequent usage of room, the more vapor would remain in the area and the more it would smell.

What types of dry herbs vaporizer should I use to lessen the smell?

To give you an idea on how you are going to choose the type of dry herb vaporizer, take note of the number 1 to 4. 1 would be the vaporizer that produces the least smell and 4 as the material that produces the strongest smell.

4 – Smoking cigarettes as the device with the strongest smell. As we all know, smoking cigarettes produces a huge amount of smoke does produces a very unpleasant smell.

3 –  Using dry herb vaporizers with weaker smell than that of cigarettes. Less smoke would be produced because the substance does not directly get in touch with heat. So lesser smoke means lesser foul smell.

2 – Dab pen with lesser foul smell produced than the vaporizers. When you use the dab pen, you might get a slight aroma of the weed itself. The smell will actually depend on the type of wax you are using. If you are using the budder, then you might want to be prepared of the smell it produced. On the other hand, if you will use shatter and crumble then there would be lesser odor.

In conclusion, dry herb vaporizer are not odorless, as what most internet sources say, but compared to other methods in smoking weed, it does produce much lesser smoke, thus producing much lesser foul smell.

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