Most efficient dry herb vaporizer

People have been continually asking what kind of dry herb vaporizer should they buy? One thing that they are looking for in this type of product is its efficiency and that could give them an utmost advantage or benefit.

When we talk about efficiency, this is about the benefits you can get with giving out less effort or less money. Meaning you might spend a little money in buying weed but you will never regret doing so because of the benefits you did get form it.

What are the characteristics of a good dry herb vaporizer?

You might want to consider the weed container in a dry herb vaporizer. Smaller containers would only mean that you only need to use smaller amount of weed. When you use smaller amount of weed, you will be able to compare the benefits you can get from those with bigger containers.

You might want to choose a vaporizer that is attached to a water pipe. This is because water is said to be a good way to filter smoke. And when there is less smoke produced, then there would be less smell that would circulate a room.

You might want to use convection type vaporizer because the heating process for this type of vaporizes only takes up a few seconds thus there is less time for burning, therefore less weed is wasted.

You might want to choose a vaporizer that has enough space in between the weed container and weed. This is because if you keep the heat turned on for a longer period of time, your weed will be exposed to heat even if you are drawing, diminishing its efficiency. The bigger the space between them, the longer the heat will be transferred to the weed.

You might also want to choose a vaporizer where the temperature can be controlled. This is because you need to give your herb enough time to vaporize to get its full effect. Therefore, you need to take control of the temperature to get enough vaporized herb. Some weed require higher temperature to be cooked and some only require lower temperature.

What are the best dry herb vaporizers for beginners?

There are actually a lot of different types of dry herb vaporizer that you might want to try especially if you are a beginner. Some are mentioned below.

Firefly 2+

This is a type of dry herb vaporizer that is used via convection by the Firefly Vapor. You can actually by this for around 250 dollars. It is tiny and easy to carry. The heating process requires only 10 seconds and is absolutely very easy to clean. If you want to have a better taste of your substance, then you might want to consider buying the Firefly 2+.

It is one of the most efficient portable vaporizer because it makes use of full heating via convection, the heating process will only take place when you hit the heating button, and its container is small and designed for higher hits of the user.


E-Nano is a desktop dry herb vaporizer. It is considered as a royalty when it comes to efficiency. You can get the most out of your herb if you use this kind of dry herb vaporizer. Using a small amount of herb on this device would be enough. Using lesser amount of herb but getting most of its effects.


Volcano vaporizer is one of the best desktop vaporizer. It has a system that gives the user control over temperature. It might be bigger in size but the vapor absorption cannot be matched to any other desktop vaporizer.

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