What is the least smelling dry herb vaporizer?

Smokers top priority in choosing a dry herb vaporizer is the one that produces less foul smell. So you might want to ask, what types of dry herb vaporizer produces lesser foul smell. It is not true that odorless vaping exist.

A lot of people exert much effort in looking for areas where they can be of good distance from people because they do not want these people to smell the bad odor from smoking. So, this one is for those people so that they would not be discouraged in smoking around people.

One thing to take note first is that dry herb vaporizes that heats up via convection produces least smell.

Take a look at some of the least smelling dry herb vaporizer below.

Arizer Solo II

One advantage of using Arizer solo is that it is portable. It is very small that it can even fit in your pouch. You can even customize the temperature that you want. You can have your vaporized herb for just 24 seconds of waiting. This 24 seconds heating up process means that it would only take lesser time to burn the weed, producing less smoke that would definitely result to less odor produced. It heats up the substance via convection and conduction, giving you the utmost result. The path where the vapor passes then cools down giving you a fresh minty experience.

Davinci IQ

Davinci IQ is very effective when it comes to portability because you can even put in in your palm. Davinci IQ is also famous for its Smart Path. This Smart Path does the adjustments itself when it comes to the right temperature in heating up your substance. Because of this property, there is no need to be concerned about overheating the substance in your dry herb vaporizer. And since there is no overheating involved, there is less smoke and of course less smell produced. The Smart Path also helps in cooling the vapor so that you will have that fresh effect when the vapor touches our lips.

Firefly 2

Firefly 2 heats up the weed via convection. As discussed earlier, vapes that heats up via convection produces the least smell. For firefly 2, the heat is not directly applied to the weed. Therefore, there is no burning involved. No burning means less smoke that results to less smell. Heating time usually takes up for about 5 seconds which means less heating less smoke then less smell. So this is the one for those who wants to smoke even in the public.

Cloud Vape Pen

Cloud Vape Pen is made and designed as an important oil vaporizer for your oils and concentrates. It can also function as a quality pen because of its black color.  It is nice and discrete; you can even carry the vape pen anywhere you want go.

Pulsar APX Wax Vaporizer

Pulsar APX Wax Vaporizer heats up for about 5 seconds only. And for that short period of time, it will also be impossible to produce a large amount of smoke then resulting to less odor or smell. It is also very easy to carry around.

Therefore, if you are looking for dry herb vaporizer that produces the least smell, go for dry herb vaporizers that would only take few seconds to heat up. This is to make sure that they produce less smoke that results to less smell.

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